Why I’m not settling for good health

You know those niggly ailments that you’ve just got used to coping with or you’ve had for so long you don’t remember what its like to live without? Ever wondered what how you'd feel if you got to the bottom of them?


Meditation: how to start a practice

I want to start by clearing a few things up that had always stopped me from considering starting a practice. Meditation isn't just a far out spiritual practice only for those who have a few hours a day to sit in solitude with their eyes closed. It can be if you're into that kind of … Continue reading Meditation: how to start a practice

Chocolate for breakfast? Yes pls

I used to hate eating in the morning. I remember my mum reluctantly let me have nutella on toast or chocolate croissants for breakfast because otherwise I would refuse to eat. Now I like to balance chocolate with slow-release carbs and fruit, but it turns out chocolate is still what will get me out of bed at 6am...